Why at White Star our quotations are only valid for 2 weeks… 
It can seem strange to put a strict timeline on the lifespan of quotations and this process has certainly had some scrutiny over the years, however is a strong premise that makes us keep to this archaic process. 
Simply it all revolves around commitment. 
Our commitment in providing you the best possible price at that correct time, but more importantly our commitment to taking you and your business just as seriously as we take ourselves. 
“Time is free, but it’s priceless” – Harvey Mackay 
Of course, I understand that decisions cannot always be made within that window of time, but by the sheer act of enlisting us to provide you with a quote, means you have either an immediate requirement or a future one. In the case of the latter - communication is key between organisations and often quotes can be helpful as a “yard stick” for future projects. When this is the case we simply put a note on your quote within our system and where appropriate, attempt to secure pricing on the equipment we costed. 
This act of communication helps us better understand your needs and goes a long way to forming an honest relationship between the two of our businesses. 
As an ever-growing organisation that has managed incredible growth from inception to present, the value of true, honest, timely information is priceless. 
“The more up-to-date the information the more valuable it is”– Katie Stanton 
As a service led organisation, not sales led, we invest back into the business to ensure that operationally we’re second to none. We invest in systems and training, so ourcustomers and partners get the best and most secure experience possible. 
Having a very small sales team we need to make sure that communication is kept open and high. We endeavour to set expectations from the word go, from our first conversation with a potential new partner, right through to delivery of our service to you. With this in mind the 2-week quotation leaves both you and our sales team with a clear window to discuss the detail and set expectations. 
With the act of timelining quotes, it enables us to identify honest sales pipelines, which in turn lead to better financial decisions being made by my team. White Star seek partnerships, not “supplier” relationships. With a partner there is a mutual respect, gained through a common goal, which is in our case; Keeping Yorkshire Safe and Secure.  
In your case it’s keeping your staff, your building and your customers happy by providing a safe space for your business activities to thrive. The two-week quote system is a clear amount of time for us to discuss the opportunity as equals. If is decision can’t be made in this time, no problem. It’s designed to keep communication high. As a partner we want to be involved in the business decision too and this window gives us ample time to understand your business challenges in detail, so we can provide the perfect service to you. 
We are of course not suggesting that if you approach us after that time you are “black balled”, this is not the case. It simply means that the process you have been through starts again and new information is pushed through our system. Every care is taken during this quotation process, with regular touch points being 
initiated to confirm any requirements you may have. 
This process Is not for all, we understand that, but with our very open and honest approach I feel it builds us sustainable, reliable working partnerships within our industry and as a result helps us achieve our main goal and objective of “Keeping Yorkshire Safe and Secure” 
Dan Mottram 
Managing Director 
White Star Security Services Ltd 
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