If someone would have told me 10 months ago I’d be working full time in Leeds for a security and facilities management business, I’d have told them they were very much mistaken. 
Yet here I am and I’m delighted to take up my role at White Star as Customer Experience Manager. 
My journey here has not been a conventional one. I started working here one day a week in June 2018 as part of my work with Fresh Thinking. 
Originally, I was brought in to the business to help design and execute a process driven business development plan to add to the fantastic foundations that Dan Mottram and his team have built over the last 5 years. 
One day per week gave me the opportunity to be strategic in planning and design, but allowed me no time to get hands on with customer relationships, something that I really enjoy. 
So when Dan asked me to head up and build a new sales team it was a no brainer for me. 
I essentially had a 5 month job interview. 
I’m incredibly thankful to the team at Fresh Thinking for being so understanding. It may sound like a cliché, but I truly have learned so much from them and they handled the situation like the true professionals they are. If you’re lucky enough to work with the Fresh Thinking team you have chosen wisely. 
So what have been my main drivers for making a decision like this? 
1) Working in a team. Selfishly, I’ve missed it. Working alone for large periods of time over the last few months has been tough, it’s taught me a lot about myself. I wrote a blog about working from home several months ago and at the time I was loving it. I don’t mind admitting this, it got harder and harder, to the point where I was bloody lonely. Yes, there’s always people on the end of the phone and meetings to attend, but I miss the office relationships, the buzz and the sharing of human experiences. 
2) The connection. It was clear early on that Dan and I were on the same page when it comes to customer relationships. Nearly all businesses that experience growth at the rate of White Star have growing pains. Customer relationships can suffer as skills get diluted as the client base grows. For White Star this isn’t good enough. The new leadership team are fully focussed on delighting both existing and new customers. We all want to be known as the best in the industry over the coming months and years our customers, partners and team members will all feel the benefit of the wok we’re doing now. 
3) A true USP. I was convinced to join when I heard the plans to make White Star security guards the best trained in the industry. This dedication to invest in people really turned my head. A bespoke training programme to improve the skill set, employability and confidence of the team. This to me shows a dedication to the profession and a dedication to the people, something high up in my personal values. It also gives our customers the best chance of a fantastic experience. Although our guards would never admit it, they’re the shop window into our business and it’s key we treat them as such. 
4) Finally Leadership. Choosing your leaders carefully is a great way to become better at what you do. If you’re looking at a new role, ensure that your leader is someone who you can work with. Someone who can nourish your ideas and help you execute them. Someone who you trust and who trusts you in return. 
I’m more than happy to carry on this conversation with all my old contacts and any new ones that fancy a coffee and a chat. 
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