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Intruder alarm grades are a high priority consideration for any UK business serious about their security and it is likely to be something you need to comply with to satisfy your insurance. 
But what do they mean? And which do you need? 
Firstly what is EN50131? 
The grading of all Intruder Alarms fitted in UK businesses is outlined in the EN50131 European standards for intruder alarm systems. 
This set of guidelines also became known as BS EN50131 when it was adopted by the British Standards Institution. 
All Intruder Alarms are included in the EN50131 guidelines. 
What are the intruder alarm grades? 
The grades classify the sophistication level required for the alarm system installed. 
The more sophisticated alarm you require the higher the grade needed. 
There are four intruder alarm grades: 
Grade 1 – Intruders are unlikely to target the premises. 
Premises that require a grade 1 alarm are unlikely to be targeted by thieves. The biggest threat to these premises is by opportunist thieves. 
Usually a domestic property where an alarm is required for insurance would have a grade 1 system. 
Grade 2 – There is a higher risk of theft here due to valuable property been kept on the premises. 
This grade is buildings that house valuable property and may attract more experienced thieves such as low risk commercial property with a cash register ie: baker, florist or beauty salon. 
Grade 3 – There is a substantial threat of threat due to high value contents in the property. 
These alarms need to protect against substantial threat as the property in question houses high value contents such as a newsagent or department store. 
Thieves that target this property will be more experienced in tampering with alarms and carry tools for the job. 
Grade 4 – This property has a very high risk of attempted theft, usually by organised criminals. 
This is the most sophisticated system on the market. It protects properties that house very high valuable contents such as a bank or art gallery. 
These properties attract the attention of well organised and experienced thieves 
So which alarm do you need? 
The first step is to have a risk assessment carried out on your property. This is a key recommendation within EN50131 and it will highlight all the risk factors to establish the most suitable system. 
To arrange your free risk assessment contact our sales team now on 0113 887 3785 
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