As the new law on GDPR came into effect last year, I’m calling for an open-minded approach to sharing data in order to reduce business risk and crime. 
As you would expect, huge amounts of data are collected by private security companies from their customers in relation to incidents that have happened in their business. The proactive providers should utilise this data to try to predict what will happen in the future based on the trend, then adapting the security solution based on the new information should reduce the risk to the customer. 
The security company’s role is to protect that customer and in essence they have done that, however could they reduce the risk further by taking a holistic view and understanding incidents that are happening at their neighbours? 
If we use the example of a number of businesses on an industrial or business park. Each business on the park will have their own risk, with their own security solution and depending on who their provider is they will have their own incident data. If each business could share their historical incident data with each other then surely that would take reducing the risk to a new level where everyone wins. Not only are each business more secure but it also reduces the risk to area as a whole. 
Now I know this may seem like wishful thinking, especially as there are quite rightly strict legislation on data protection. It would also mean security competitors working with each other on behalf of their customers, as a security company owner I’m prepared to do this if it’s to benefit my customers. 
So how do we start this? I think a good starting point would be a regional security information charter where local police, businesses, community places, business watch schemes and security companies sign up to working with each other in terms of sharing information to benefit reducing the business crime overall in that given area. The information shared will obviously have to meet data protection laws, but surely having all of these key stakeholders working together will only bring benefits. 
As a Yorkshireman who is passionate about where I live and the place where my children are growing up. I want to reduce business risk and crime as a whole in the region, not just for my customers, that is why I’m willing to work with others to achieve that. 
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