Operation Managers play a central role in stabilizing an organization's policies and procedures across your business. 
As the newly promoted Area Operation Manager here at White Star Security, the role of the Area Operations Manager is often assumed by the business's owner (MD) or its general manager, however as the business continues to grow this role is generally passed down to senior managers within the company. The job role involves overseeing the company's strategic approach to its on-site operations. 
Managing the day to day operating practices of a fast paced security business is a major challenge for any Operation Manager. Without being able to keep a hold on staffing issues, discipline and staff welfare can have a detrimental effect on operations when they impact the effectiveness or efficiency of delivering quality goods and services to our clients and customers alike. 
A weak communications process can hamper the process even further. Operation Managers will generally have to handle several functions at one time, therefore communication is key and all team members should understand how the organization operates and follow those procedures to the letter. The Operation Manager's job is to ensure that everyone is using the same methods, is following the same policies / procedures and is communicating clearly and openly. 
Operation managers are tasked with creating long-term customer, client and employee relationships to make sure the smooth running of the day to day business. Developing business policies that encourage transparency are also part of the Operation Managers role. This can be a particular challenge to Operation Managers in relative smaller businesses, because these work environments tend to be more insular than larger corporations. 
Without creating a set of clear business practices can impact the organization's relationship with its employees, clients and customers alike. 
Many Operation Managers are responsible for reporting overall effectiveness of the company, this includes the compilation of performance data, the communication of this data within White Star Security is passed to the MD on a weekly basis so he has an overall picture of the business and any issues of concern that may have arisen. This is also backed up by Senior Operational Staff Monday morning briefings, headed by the Operations Manager. 
The Operation Manager also has to conduct regular audits of the organization's training and compliance records, this can be somewhat tedious and time consuming but accurate records need to be recorded in compliance with the SIA guidelines, therefore the Operations Managers ‘time management’ is paramount . 
Challenges can arise if reporting records are not kept up to date or accurate. In the small-business setting, record keeping can sometimes take a back seat to more pressing concerns like meeting customer demands, nonetheless, full and complete record keeping is paramount to assess the company's long-term viability. 
Operational Managers Responsibility 
In many ways, the responsibility of the Operations Manager is related to sustainability, not only the business, but this function of the Operation Manager looks specifically at how the business engages with its local community (KEEPING YORKSHIRE SAFE AND SECURE). 
Here at White Star Security we have supported many local Yorkshire Businesses and non-profit organizations, to sponsor local sports teams or to volunteer in local schools. While these types of activities can be challenging projects to organize, a business's community involvement gives its neighbours a sense that the company cares about its surroundings and its customers on more than just a profit level. This obviously raises awareness of the business and our high class operational effectivness. 
Social responsibility is driven by the Operation Manager, this is a form of marketing and public relations we use to keep this image of Team White Star in the eyes of every business in the Yorkshire area, this shows that White Star Security cares about the people and business in our external environment…. 
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